House Plan No. 573
$ 649 (349 000 CFA)

This Luxury 5 Bedrooms Sahel style duplex is the perfect blend of comfort and adaptability. The ground floor layout consists of 3 self contained bedrooms, a large living room with high ceiling, a large dining and an elaborate kitchen. There are also 3 verandas and a large storage area for the kitchen. The upper floor mainly consists of 2 more bedrooms plus a private seating area, an office and a study. There is also a mini kitchen on this upper floor. Of the 5 bedrooms, there are 2 master bedrooms, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. There is an elaborate roof terrace that can be used for celebrations, that include a seating area and a large storage.

Composition of house plan:

Bedrooms: 5

Living rooms: 3

Kitchen: 1

Mini kitchen: 1

Dining: 1

Bathrooms: 6

Laundry: 1

Office: 1

Storage: 2

Roof terrace: 2


Architectural Plan: $ 649 (349 000 CFA)
Arch. Plan + Quantities: $ 758 (408 000 CFA)
Modify House Plan: $ 1 137 (612 000 CFA)


  1. All floor plans with dimensions
  2. All 4 elevations
  3. Foundation Plan
  4. Roof plan
  5. A section through the building
  6. Electrical installation plan
  7. Septic tank details
  8. 3D image of the building 
  9.  Bill of Quantities (option 2)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I be sure I will receive the house plan?

For those of our new customers who pose this question, we usually book a zoom call and show them the complete house plan, and further proceed to send them the complete house plan (with a watermark) before they make payment. Contact us on whatsapp (+237 97305433) if you will like to book a zoom call or receive the house plan before making payment.

Yes, that can be done and we have provided the cost as Price option 3. However not all modifications are posible.


For a custom design, you will need to give us more details  about your needs, such as:

  1. number of floors of the building
  2. what you want to have on each floor
  3. Dimensions of the house or plot. If there are dimensions to take into account.
  4. If you need other objects designed separately from the building. Such as swimming pools, fences, guard house, etc.
  5. Other details

It is on this basis that we will propose a price for the design of your house. If new requests are made later, we will charge a fee to incorporate them. 

To buy a house plan:


  1. First we agree on the date and time client will receive the house plan and make payment.
  2. At the agreed time, we send client the house plan by email protedted by a watermark.
  3. When client receives the plan, he makes payment by money transfer on platforms like SendWave, Taptap, MoneyGram etc. which transfer money to our mobile money account.
  4. Once we receive payment, we send the client a password to remove the watermark from the house plan.
  5. Payment has to be made within 2 hours after receiving the house plan. This is because the password can only be used within 2 hours
  6. For modifications and custom designs, the process is different and client will have to make a 50% advanced payment before we start a modification or custom design. Usually we send an enail to spell out details of the process depending on the design.

The cost of building a house depends on a number of factors, including the location of the construction and also on your choice of other items, not shown on the drawings such as tiles, painting, ceiling etc. We usually get these and other details from the client before we finalize any cost estimate.

Unfortunately, we only engage in these calculations when a client has paid for the plan in question and also paid an extra charge for the estimate.

What we provide is a Bill of Quantities (showing the quantities of materials) which client can used to get prices directly from local builders / suppliers.

You can drop us a text on whatsapp, with your question, and we will answer as soon as possible. WhatsApp: +237 97605433

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